The concept behind Living Your Yoga is to encourage those that attend the sessions to take time to connect to their inner world through ancient Yogic practices. These practices include co-ordinating the breath with movement; attention to alignment; seeking focus and balance; and finding comfort in challenging the body to open and release the accumulation of tension from life’s day-to-day habits.

All sessions are designed to nourish, restore and release physical, mental and emotional constraints, whilst building inner strength and confidence in the self.

Practices include: Asana (posture work: flowing, static & restorative); Pranayama (Breathing practices); Pawanmuktasana (Joint release exercises); Guided Relaxation.


I taught myself Yoga from a 1970’s Vogue book when I was 15 years old. I attended my first yoga class at the age of 19 in a school hall. The class was led by a lady in her 60’s who amazed me. I felt totally inspired by her teachings…from experiencing a sense of class unity in making shapes with our bodies; discovering the practice of Trataka: staring into a candle to cleanse the eyes, calm the mind and experience absolute focus; connecting to the depths of the inner world through the practice of meditation and discovering how to breathe with the whole body...I was hooked. 

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years, in all of its forms. My training & teachers include: Devon School of Yoga; Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training & Well-Woman Yoga Therapy Training at Yoga Campus with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli; further study with David Swenson; Shiva Rea; Sarah Powers. I'm lucky enough to attend YogaBeats training & events regularly now with David Sye, who's approach to life and teachings never cease to amaze me.

I continue my Ashtanga practice guided by my long term teacher James Critchlow, whom I'm eternally grateful to have as my teacher & mentor for such a long time now. 

Yoga is my life's work. I study both independently and with my teachers, all aspects of yoga, both on and off the mat, always uplifted & inspired by new discoveries on this fantastic Yoga/Life journey. 

I really feel that I live my yoga. 

I hope that Living Your Yoga will inspire yours too.

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