I taught myself Yoga from a 1970’s Vogue book when I was 15 years old. I attended my first yoga class at the age of 19 in a school hall. The class was led by a lady in her 60’s who amazed me. I felt totally inspired by her classes…from experiencing a sense of class unity in making shapes with our bodies, to staring into a candle to cleanse the eyes and discovering how to breathe with the whole body. 

A few years later, at the age of 22, I stumbled upon an Ashtanga yoga class taught in Coventry. This practise blew my mind and I was hooked. Although I’ve explored and practiced all sorts of Yoga since then, I always return to Ashtanga as my own personal grounding domain. However, that’s not to say that I don’t practice and teach other forms of yoga. When in London, I dabbled in Bikram Yoga to find out what all the sweat was about! Whilst living in Poland, I was taught classical Hatha Yoga. It was here where I began to realise the power of visualisation and relaxation. I then went on to learn of Integral Yoga whilst living in Spain. It was at this time when not only was I learning of the healing powers of Yoga physically, but also mentally, through the practice of meditation.

I discovered the wisdom and nourishment of Pregnancy Yoga with my second child - I couldn’t believe how effective the practices were and how they helped me to manage so many ailments and also labour. This experience encouraged me to become a Pregnancy Yoga teacher - that and the suggestion and support from my wonderful vinyasa yoga teacher at that time. I attended her classes when I lived in Devon and she's a truly creative teacher whom still inspires my teachings to this day. Her sessions made me realise that it’s often our minds that stop us finding our balance, stepping into that deeper posture or turning or bodies upside-down. Our bodies can do more than we realise - if we really tune into that inner world.

My Yoga Teacher Training at The Devon School of Yoga taught me how vast the world of Yoga actually is and all of it’s limbs…I’ll discuss that another day.

And now, I still tend to my Ashtanga practice, along with a combination of other physical, breathing and meditative practices…continually learning, studying, reading and inspired by new discoveries on this fantastic Yoga/Life journey. 

I really feel that I live my yoga. 

I hope that Living Your Yoga will inspire yours too.