Pre-Recorded Classes


Living Your Yoga is able to offer you a library of nearly 60 pre-recorded classes that have been created throughout the year.


You can order a block of classes to be delivered into your inbox (for the duration of the term). They will be at the reduced price of £45.

Winter term classes on hire from Monday 2nd November 2020 were created in April/May this year. Both Mixed Ability & Well-Woman packages are comprised of 7 ninety minute sessions.


Should you wish to order a package for this term, please contact my administrator Stacy: .

All classes will be delivered to you via email on Monday 2nd November and switched off on Sunday 22nd December.

Well-Woman Yoga

7 weeks

90 mins per session


Desk Yoga


Yoga: 30 mins



Mixed Ability Yoga

7 weeks

90 mins per session


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