New video series to help women learn more about, and better manage, the menopause

Newson Health doctors and invited experts marked World Menopause Day by filming a range of discussions and demonstrations to help women better understand and manage the challenges of the menopause, and the effect it can have on health and wellbeing.


As Newson Health's resident yoga practitioner, I was invited to present an interactive demonstration of my Well-Woman Yoga class to help women understand the holistic benefits of yoga and its beneficial effect during the perimenopause and menopause.

Along with Dr. Sarah Ball and yoga enthusiast Sarah Baker, we talked about the value of yoga. I describe the different types of yoga, why breathing is so important, the improvements to your physical and emotional wellbeing and how it’s best to choose the right type of yoga for your needs and symptoms. You can watch the On-Demand discussion by clicking the button below.

Listen to my podcast with menopause specialist  Dr Louise Newson

Lucy Holtom is a yoga teacher who works closely with Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre. Lucy runs 'Living Your Yoga' and her classes encourage attendees to take time to connect with their inner world through ancient Yogic practices.


These practices include co-ordinating the breath with movement; attention to alignment; seeking focus and balance; and finding comfort in challenging the body to open and release the accumulation of tension from life’s day-to-day habits. 


In this episode, Lucy talks to Dr Newson all about how yoga can nourish, restore and release physical, mental and emotional constraints, whilst building inner strength and confidence. 

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